Advice regarding the COVID-19 outbreak / Edited: March 11

The Health Board estimates the risk of single cases of the COVID-19 desease caused by the coronavirus in Estonia high, but risk of a larger outbreak is estimated low. To prevent the risk of an outbreak, people are advised to follow pertinent cautionary measures.

Official information, directions and guidelines regarding the coronavirus outbreak can be found on the Health Board homepage HERE

At the time being, the situation does not need extraordinary measures in educational institutions and academic activities and classroom learning continue routinely. However, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre has established temporary measures regarding international travels, events and affairs to prevent the virus spread at the academy. 

To prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre the following changes in the working order of the EAMT apply: 

  1. No work or study travels for employees or students to high-risk infection areas, until stated otherwise. Already booked and organised travels are to be rearranged or canceled. 
  2. Persons who have been to the area with ongoing coronavirus transmission from March 1 2020 are not allowed to enter the academy’s premises; invitations to foreign visitors from high-risk infection areas are postponed or canceled; EAMT employees and students who have returned to Estonia from high-risk areas in March are not allowed to enter the academy’s premises for two weeks upon their return and need to reorganise their work or study arrangements accordingly. 
  3. Organising and holding international events are approached case-by-case by the academy’s rectorate. 

High-risk infection areas are considered to be the high-risk areas stated by the National Health Board on their official homepage. Forementioned restrictions apply until the high-risk areas are abolished by the Health Board 

March 4 2020

Everybody is asked to pay attention to their health state.

  • Forthcoming travels to the high-risk areas (China, Northern Italy, Iran, Japan, Singapore, South Korea) are advised to be reorganised, as the likelihood of infection for people travelling or residing in the risk area is high.
  • If you have returned from the area with ongoing coronavirus transmission in the recent two weeks, please contact your immediate supervisor or study programme registrar. In that case it is advised to stay home for 14 days and arrange your work and study activities from a distance. 
  • According to the known information, the symptoms of the COVID-19 desease are flu-like: fever 38°C, cough, difficulty breathing. If you have been to the area with ongoing coronavirus transmission in the recent two weeks or have been in close contact with a person who is infected with the coronavirus and exhibit the symptoms, seek medical help by contacting your family doctor by phone or call the family physician advisory line 1220; inform the academy and stay home. 

Please follow the Health Board advice in the light of the COVID-19 outbreak that can be found HERE.