Welcome to the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre continuing education programme.

EAMT offers a range of opportunities for continuing education for teachers and active musicians, but also for music, theatre and culture enthusiasts.

Why choose continuing education at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre?

  • EAMT has top-level lecturers in the performing arts. To ensure the highest quality of our training programmes, the courses are given by outstanding lecturers and musicians from the fields of music, music education, theatre and culture from EAMT and around the world
  • Continuing education training at EAMT is primarily practical
  • Our flexible approach to studies allows each participant to plan an independent continuing education programme that corresponds with their existing abilities/knowledge and their study goals
  • The OPEN ACADEMY at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre allows students to choose subjects to further their education based on their area of interest
  • Starting now, anyone interested in continuing education can register for master classes as an observer through the relevant academic departments (for more information see the Training calendar)
  • The study environment at EAMT is up-to-date – the lecture rooms are equipped with quality musical instruments and modern sound and presentation technology.


See you at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre courses!

Time Course name Tutors
8. Oct Beatbox kui õppevahend II osa Fred Rõigas
11., 13. and
14. Oct
Meistrikursus vioolamängijatele Gareth Lubbe
15.-16. Oct Hää hääl ja kõlav kõne  Anu Aimla, Pilvi Karu, Külliki Levin,
Riin Naestema, Anne Türnpu
17.-18. Oct Meistrikursus viiuldajatele Stanislav Pronin (Taani)
21. Oct 2016 -
21. May 2017
Muusikateraapia algkursus 2016-2017 Alice Pehk, Kaili Inno, Andres Sild,
Roman Timofejev
22. Oct and
5. Nov
Eduka esinemise psühholoogilised
eeldused ja tagamaad
Tiina Kärblane
24.-27. Oct Meistrikursus viiuldajatele Marina Chiche (Saksamaa)
14.-15. Dec Meistrikursus pianistidele Pier Francesco Forlenza (Itaalia)
aeg kokkuleppel Vaba klaverisaate kujundamine Viktor Gurjev