Department of Drama

Head of Course, Professor Lembit Peterson and Professor Anu Lamp

The Drama School is the largest theatre school in Estonia, training actors, directors and dramaturgs.

As Estonians are considered to be ‘a people of the theatre’, the Drama School has always had an important place in Estonian culture, and events taking place at the school are at the centre of the public’s attention.

Starting from Voldemar Panso, the founder of the school, to the present day, the Drama School has educated leading Estonian directors and actors. The aim of the Drama School is to educate independent and creative actors, directors and playwrights, who aim to function at a high mental and physical level, follow humanist and national ideals, and build their work on the importance of the theatrical arts.

It is considered important that students of the Drama School are ethical personalities and intellectuals in the broader sense, able to pass on, renew and immortalise their mother tongue mainly through their mastery of the art of speech on the stage.

The curriculum is based on method acting techniques, as they are the dominant approaches in Estonian theatres. At the same time, other forms of theatre are also explored to cover all opportunities for the new generation of actors to achieve a synthesis of traditional skills and innovation, as well as national values and a global dimension in their work.

The Drama School has collaborative agreements with schools in England and Spain, through which student exchange has taken place for many years. The school is also active within the framework of the Nordic Theatre School Association.

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