Admission requirements for doctoral studies

Admission for 2020 doctoral studies shall include following specialties:

Documents required upon applying for the doctoral studies:

  • electronic application
  • 1 photo (electronic form);
  • copy of identity card or passport (including corresponding document's page that carries the personal identification code);
  • copy of document certifying change of name, if the applicant has had a name change;
  • copy of document certifying completion of the previous educational level with a certificate with grades or diploma supplement.

The student candidate should submit to the admissions secretary:

  • Artistic branch (Music and Dramatic Art):
  • a summary of the candidate’s past research and creative activity (CV);
  • a video recording of a performed program of 45-60 minutes in performance specialties, or ca 45 min of music recordings (with sheet music) in composition specialties, or a list of major creative achievements with written sources and/or recordings in dramatic art;
  • a plan of prospective doctoral studies, which should include four concert programs (or other creative tasks depending on specialty), and a research paper proposal on the required form.
  • Academic branch (Musicology):
  • a summary of the candidate’s past research and creative activity (CV);
  • a plan of prospective doctoral studies and a doctoral thesis proposal on the required form.

Consultations for applicants for doctoral studies in music and dramatic art with regard to the preparation of research projects will be held on: the exact dates tbc.

A Doctoral Degree generally takes 4 years to complete.

Additional information:, +372 6675 709

Drama school information:, +372 6272 862