Student mobility


Nordplus student exchange offers students an opportunity to study for 1–12 months at music universities in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. In addition, the programme also supports short-term mobility (5 days – 1 month).

Outgoing students:

Applications are possible within the different genre based networks. EAMT belongs to the classical music network NordClassic, the jazz music network Nordpuls, the opera education network NordOpera and folk-music network Nordtrad. Please find the list of member-schools in the networks here. Applications can be submitted to three institutions at a time. Application for exchange places takes place at the beginning of the spring semester for the subsequent academic year.

Application deadline is 1 March.

Application process

Depending on the host institution requirements, the application needs to be submitted either through the EASY Online Application System, through the online system of the host institution or brought to the EAMT Nordplus coordinator. Before applying the student needs to check from the webiste of the receiving institution how the incoming applications are accepted.

Applications should be submitted through the EASY Online Application System to institutions that have joined the EASY system. Please find a list HERE. NB! The recording and the transcript of records issued by the Students Affairs Department are to be uploaded to the system.

Applications submitted through the online system of the reciving institution - the link to the online application system is available on the website of the host institution. Please also notify the EAMT Nordplus coordinator Hanneleen Pihlak, of your application.

Applications submitted through the EAMT Nordplus coordinator - if the host institution requests the documents by email or regular post, the application needs to be sent by the EAMT Nordplus coordinator. Please bring/send the documents and recording to Hanneleen Pihlak,, office A218.

EAMT students can apply providing:

  • they are a citizen of Estonia or of another country participating in the programme
  • they have a permanent Estonian living permit or are recognised by the Estonian state as a stateless individual
  • they have completed their first year of university studies (except master's students on a joint curriculum)

Students accepted by destination universities are paid a monthly grant and a one-time travel grant.

The Nordplus programme monthly grant is 200€ and the weekly grant is 70€. The travel grant between Nordic and Baltic countries is 330€ and 660€ for mobility to Iceland.

Incoming students:

Students whose home institution is a member of the corresponding thematic network can apply for exchange studies at EAMT via the Nordplus programme (list of network member-schools can be found here). The study period can be a minimum of one month; the typical duration of mobility, however, is one or two semesters. The Nordplus programme also allows for short-term mobility (min. 5 days). EAMT accepts applications during the academic year preceding the study period.

The application deadline is 1 March.

Students who are interested in studying at EAMT should first contact the Nordplus coordinator of their home institution. The applications must be nominated by their home institution.

Application process:

  • Step 1: Complete your application on the EASY Online Application System;
  • Step 2: Your home institution must nominate your application;
  • Step 3: Your application will be passed to relevant department in EAMT;
  • Step 4: Nordplus coordinator of your home institution will be notified of the result.

The EAMT will receive applications only through the EASY Online Application System

Additional information about the Nordplus programme...

Hanneleen Pihlak
Coordinator of the Nordplus programme at EAMT
Phone: +372 6675779