Admission requirements for master's studies

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is announcing admissions for the academic year 2021‒2022 in the following fields of specialization:

The application deadline is June 3. Applications should be submitted through the DreamApply system.

Entrance examinations will take place from June 28 until July 1.

Please take note that the number of available study places is quite limited. Additional information can also be found on the admissions section of the EAMT homepage and via e-mail to:

Wind Orchestra Conducting
Accompaniment class
Chamber music
Early music performance

General information about the audition requirements

The examination panel can give you additional assignments to determine your skills and abilities. Depending on your main subject, you may be asked to:

  • play some scales or arpeggios;
  • undertake a short sight-reading exercise;
  • improvise or create a short composition on a given theme, etc.

During an interview, the examination panel can test a candidate's knowledge in a narrower field of specialization as well as his or her general cultural knowledge. The panel verifies whether or not your English language skills are sufficient to be admitted to EAMT as you should be able to:

  • demonstrate an ability to communicate orally;
  • pass a short written test;
  • know the musical terms in English.

The examination panel evaluates and considers the following:

  • persuasiveness and originality of artistic and/or research ideas of a candidate;
  • performance logic and fluency of performance, ability to express the emotional content of works and impressiveness of interpretation (in case of performers);
  • originality, artistic persuasiveness and technical execution in case of creative submissions (composers);
  • defined focus of the research paper, systematic nature and exhaustiveness of research, the reference literature use, as well as accuracy of language and formatting (in musicology);
  • specialty-specific level of technical mastery;
  • general cultural and subject-specific knowledge of a candidate.

The examination is graded on a scale from 0 to 10.

A student candidate may apply for studies in up to two main subjects (majors). If a candidate meets the admission criteria in both, the candidate shall notify the Admission Secretary about his or her preference by the end of the admission period. NB! Student candidates shall not be enrolled simultaneously in two main subjects.

Curricula with English as the study language shall be subject to a tuition fee according to the rates established by the EAMT Council.

A Master's Degree generally takes 2 years to complete. After completing it, students may apply for a 4-year Doctoral Degree programme.

Additional information:
Phone: +372 6675 709

Documents required when applying for bachelor and master's studies