Mart Saar. Solo songs 4

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A collection of solo songs by Mart Saar.

1. Gruusia küngastel (On the Georgian Hillside)
2. Ei oma õnne peita (Can’t Hide My Happiness)
3. Sa kõige armsam mulle (You Are My Dearest)
4. Lillekesed, kummardage (Flower, Bow Down)
5. Lill ja liblikas (Flower and Butterfly)
6. Ju valgus tõstab tiibu (Light is Rising the Wings)
7. Üks suu (One Mouth)
8. Kalamehe mõrsja (Fisherman’s Fiancée)
9. Oh kevade, oh kullane (Oh Golden Spring)
10. Arm tuli (Love Came from the Wind)
11. Kevade laul (A Song of Spring)
12. Kui hea on olla rõõmus (It’s Good to Be Happy)
13. Kevade õhtul (In the Spring Evening)
14. Ketran siidivilla (Spinning Silk-Wool)
15. Äike (Thunder)
16. Kevad lindudega (Spring with the Birds)
17. Tuulisel rannal (On the Windy Shore)

Supplement: 18. Kahurväelased (Cannon Force)

Revised and commented by Vardo Rumessen in Estonian, Russian and German. In Tallinn, 1986

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