There is currently an acknowledged need for Europe to build more cohesive and inclusive societies where citizens are seen as active participants of the society rather than objects, and this need becomes increasingly acute in today’s diversifying world. Higher Education Institutions (HEI) play a key role in the education of young people to understand the underlying value systems of society and cultures, creating the abilities required to foster social integration. In addition, the role of HEIs in solving global challenges such as climate change is vital. HEIs need novel ways to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance intercultural understanding and a sense of belonging to a community. Ways to engage with various type of stakeholders and challenge owners, as well as ways to enable engagement with students, are also required. This Roadmap for both managers and teachers in HEis combines tools, insights and knowledge regarding ways to tackle societal challenges with stakeholders and students.

Societal impact and engagement as driving forces for cohesive and inclusive societies and common European values have gained more and more emphasis in today’s world. This road map towards societal engagement for HEIs provides insight and information on the underlying values in societies and cultures, on current methods of societal impact and engagement, and clarification on these often-blurred concepts. To facilitate success in societal engagement activities at various levels of HEIs, the road map, through its insights for teachers and mangers, introduces novel ways to increase intercultural understanding and social inclusion, with practical examples and tools both for learning and managerial activities. Thus, this road map is a comprehensive educational model grounded in experiential and challenge-based learning with a focus on art-based methods building on research to increase higher education institutions’ societal engagement (HEISE).

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