How to navigate the Roadmap for Societal Engagement and Impact Diamond tool


Higher education institutions (HEIs) play a key role in tackling societal challenges by educating young people to understand the underlying values in societies and cultures, which create the abilities required to foster social integration and work with various stakeholders and challenge owners. To succeed in this, HEI mangers, teachers and students of HEIs need novel methods and tools to engage in societal activities. Hence, in the project, we aim to create a comprehensive roadmap for practices grounded in research on societal impact and engagement, building on experiential and challenge-based learning with a focus on arts-based methods to provide ways to increase higher education institutions’ societal engagement (HEISE).


The Road map is founded on some basic premises: First of all, we state that engagement often leads to impact and that enlightened ears hear better. Hence, we introduce first the key concepts and the results of the research on current practices. The insights for teachers and managers are built on this knowledge but can be used independently as a fast track to tools and practical examples.