Head of Studies, Associate Professor Mati Mikalai
(piano, organ, harpsichord, accordion)

The keyboard studies at EAMT honour tradition while being open to new ideas. The influences of Eastern European schools are strongly linked to the best attributes of Western European education.

Experienced faculty members include Mati Mikalai (head of studies), concert artists Mihkel Poll, Sten Lassmann, Age Juurikas and Marko Martin; Peep Lassmann - previous rector of EAMT, as well as Ivari Ilja - the current rector of EAMT, internationally recognized pianist, accompanist and ensemble musician, under whose guidance students are able to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for performers and educators in the 21st century.

In addition to solo performance classes, the piano and accordion curricula also include courses in accompaniment, chamber ensemble and contemporary improvisation. Harpsichord and organ lessons include studies in the area of basso continuo. The curriculum also includes teacher training and other supportive courses.

Distinguished artists and internationally renowned teachers from all over the world regularly deliver master classes enriching the learning process and broadening the student’s worldview.

The studies also include a variety of creative events – concerts and competitions – that support the professional ambitions of the students, help develop their personal styles as musical interpreters, and encourage self-sufficiency which is essential in our rapidly changing world.