The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is a recognized research institution specializing in musicology, theatre studies, music education and cultural management. Students receive instruction from a wide variety of professional instructors, including research professors, assistants, master’s and doctoral students as well as highly respected professional musicians, composers, actors and directors. Artists can further their expertise through artistic research, in which artistic practice is the primary mode of enquiry. Topics researched in our academy are related to practices of music and theatre, with Estonian cultural studies as a major area of focus.

Doctoral studies are organized into two curricula: “Musicology” and “Music and Dramatic Art“, with the latter providing an institutional framework to support artistic research. Both curricula are advised by the same doctoral council.

As of 2009 the EAMT joined the Cultural and Artistic Studies Doctoral School (KTKDK), which oversees doctoral studies in the cultural fields of four Estonian universities (Tartu University, Tallinn University, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and the Estonian Academy of Arts). Tallinn University has been the lead co-ordinator of the KTKDK since 2016.