Vocal Chamber Music and Accompaniment

The vocal chamber music and accompaniment curriculum focuses on training Lied pianists and piano accompanists, as well as introducing basic repetiteur skills. It also coordinates cooperation between students from various specialisms of the academy. Piano students are welcome to specialise in accompaniment at master’s level.

Renewed forms and methods of academic activity allow students to acquire practical skills and teamwork experience, collaborating with vocal and instrumental soloists. In association with Estonian professional opera theatres, students are permitted access to rehearsals, where they get to observe the work of conductors, coaches and stage directors.

Development of the activities of Lied duos plays an important role in accompaniment studies. Pianists and singers who collaborate actively find opportunities to perform in various public concerts, participate in competitions and international masterclasses.

A new concert series Salon (Salong) was launched in cooperation with the Concert and Performance Centre. This interactive concert format welcomes audiences into a cozy living-room atmosphere and allows students to share their reflections on artistry alongside performing, paying tribute to the kind of settings where vocal chamber music found its roots. Students also have the opportunity to perform a full-length recital in the Student Tuesday concert series.

Daily academic activity is given further variety by masterclasses, specialist internships, workshops, colloquia, academic concerts, intensive courses on opera, and more. The curriculum promotes relations with the respective departments at other European universities and with graduates of EAMT’s Accompaniment major working both in Estonia and abroad. In supervising students and setting requirements, the faculty members take into account each student’s individuality, interests and initiative in choosing their own direction for development. Current head of studies Helin Kapten is a highly valued pianist, accompanist, pedagogue and coach, who has worked with many distinguished singers and conductors.