Organisation of Studies

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre offers degree programmes on three levels of higher education: bachelor, master and doctoral studies. The academy additionally offers a preparatory course.

For their studies to be successful and to result in receiving a diploma, students must know and follow the academic guidelines. The most important student-related document is the Regulations of Studies at EAMT, which is supported and supplemented by other documents specific to various fields of study.

Studies are based on a curriculum into which a student is admitted. The completion of the curriculum is monitored by the academy. Each bachelor’s and master’s curriculum includes an example curricula with a list of mandatory subjects for each semester. Doctoral studies are conducted based on the doctoral student’s individual study plan.

Non-compliance with academic regulations or inadequate academic progress will result in the student’s dismissal from the academy. Students may thereafter continue their studies as external students. Alternatively, they can apply to be re-admitted or enrol in the academy again.

Rules related to the organisation of studies