Study Information System (ÕIS)

To use the Study Information System (ÕIS), students must know their personal student number (sent from the Registry and Student Affairs Department on admission) and the four last digits of their personal identification number.

ÕIS allows you to view the following information:

  • academic study plan for each year
  • study results
  • study materials
  • timetable of lectures and group lessons
  • your personalised academic decisions (Rector’s decree)

Through ÕIS you can do the following:

  • submit an application for study allowance based on study results
  • submit an application for academic leave or interruption of studies
  • reserve practice rooms
  • give feedback on courses, lecturers and the curriculum as a whole
  • fill out the application for the Recognition of Previous Studies and Work Experience (VÕTA)
  • fill out an internship report form
  • view the pre-paid copy machine balance on your ID card
  • update your contact detail