Statutes and Regulations

Important documents

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) Act

Statutes of the EAMT (pdf)

Budget regulations (pdf)

Regulations for recruitment for academic positions (pdf)

Procedure of evaluation of teaching and research staff (pdf)

Job description of academic staff (pdf)

Procedures for processing personal data at the EAMT (pdf)

Equal treatment measures and complaints procedure (pdf)

Procedure for implementation of the principles of academic ethics and good research practice and procedure for handling misconduct (pdf)

House Rules of the EAMT (pdf)


Regulations of studies

Regulation of studies at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (pdf)

Requirements and formatting rules for student’s English written work (pdf)

Non-exclusive licence to reproduce thesis and make thesis public (doc)

Curriculum statute of the EAMT (pdf)

Guidelines for the internal evaluation of curricula in EAMT (pdf)

Admission rules at the EAMT (pdf)

Conditions and procedures for recognition of previous study results and professional work experience (pdf)

Conditions and procedures for graduating from the Bachelor and Master’s programmes and defences (pdf)

Procedure for issuing diplomas, diploma supplements and certificates (pdf)

Procedure for collecting and using feedback from alumni and students (pdf)

Application, award and payment procedures for scholarships and study allowances at EAMT (pdf)


Instrument Collection

Rental conditions for instruments of the collection (in Estonian)

Rental agreement form (in Estonian)


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