Scholarship audition for foreign students for the academic year 2020-2021

Saturday, 10 October @12.00 in Blackbox: Contemporary Physical Performance Making (CPPM)
Monday, 12 October @10.00 in the Chamber hall C-405: all the other majors

Following scholarships are available:
1) EAMT scholarships for non-EU students at BA and MA levels covering either 50% or 25% of the tuition fee (NB! Not applicable for the MA students of Contemporary Physical Performance Making)

2) DoRa Plus programme scholarships for all foreign students at MA level awarded for one academic year (350€ per month paid from September to June)


  • BA and MA students from non-EU countries, who:
    – were admitted for the academic year 2020-2021: entrance examination result at least 9 at BA level or at least 4 at MA level;
    – were admitted earlier: last examination result in main study at least “very good”.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS for DoRa Plus scholarships:

  • MA 1st year students, who:
    – are full-time students;
    – do not have Estonian citizenship;
    – whose place of residence is not in Estonia;
    – do not have a permanent right of residence or a long-term residence permit in Estonia;
    – have not stayed in Estonia for more than one year in the past three years;
    – had the entrance examination result at least 4.
  • MA 2nd year students, who:
    – are full-time students;
    – do not have Estonian citizenship;
    – whose place of residence is not in Estonia;
    – do not have a permanent right of residence or a long-term residence permit in Estonia;
    – have not stayed in Estonia for more than one year in the past three years;
    – have completed the 1st year coursework full (no missing credit points) in programme subjects worth at least 54 ECTS credits and with the examination result in main study at least “very good”.


  • Performers: live performance of at least 2 pieces with the max length of 15 min (the judging panel has the right to interrupt the performance at its own discretion);
  • Contemporary Improvisation and CoPeCo: 1-2 improvisations in different characters out of which 1 solo and the other in an ensemble (duo, trio etc) with the total length of 10 min. NB! The CoPeCo students can replace 1 improvisation by a contemporary piece of their own choosing.
  • Contemporary Physical Performance Making: written and performed original speech/monologue titled “Where do we go from here?” that has to be submitted in English, but can be performed in other language(s). Length of the written paper must be min 500 words and of performance max 10 minutes. NB! Deadline for submitting the written monologue is 5 October 2020 to
  • Other majors: artistic portfolio, including list of artistic activities within last 2 years, scores, recordings etc.

The audition panel evaluates and considers the following:

  • persuasiveness and originality of artistic and/or research ideas of a candidate;
  • performance logic and fluency of performance, ability to express the emotional content of works and impressiveness of interpretation (in case of performers);
  • originality, artistic persuasiveness and technical execution in case of creative submissions (composers);
  • specialty-specific level of technical mastery;
  • general cultural and subject-specific knowledge of a candidate.


Questions and additional info:
Kai Kiiv
+372 6675 721

The European Union Youth Orchestra

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the EUYO is changing the process for the autumn 2020 auditions to enable a completely online process.

In 2020 only, since they have not had the opportunity to meet and perform physically, members of the 2020 Orchestra are  invited to become members for 2021. This leaves only a limited number of places available in the 2021 orchestra.

All other EU musicians aged 16-26 are invited to audition. As an exceptional measure, every musician auditioning will be judged by an EUYO tutor expert in their instrument(s), and will also receive individual online feedback from either a member of the senior EUYO audition panel, or an EUYO alumni tutor. Therefore, all musicians applying for the EUYO autumn 2020 auditions will receive personal feedback sessions.



All candidates must submit a video of themselves playing four minutes of a piece of their choice with piano accompaniment, plus two orchestral excerpts. The videos of the first round will be judged by the EUYO’s instrumental faculty, so each video will be judged by a specialist in your own instrument. Successful candidates will be invited to the final round, which consists of a live online session with one experienced panel member. However, to ensure a fair judgement all auditions will be recorded on video so that they can be compared with all other audition candidates across Europe. You can find further information on the process on the Rules and Regulations page.FIRST ROUND VIDEO AUDITION
Please record a video of yourself playing the following in one take:

  • The required orchestral excerpts, which you can download here;
  • A solo piece of your choice, no longer than 4 minutes. It is acceptable to play only four minutes of a longer piece.

The video cannot be from a performance or an older recording. It is to your own advantage if the video is in a high quality and if you play with a pianist. We realize that this might not be possible in your country due to coronavirus, so we do accept videos without piano accompaniment.Once you have created a video, please upload it on YouTube. Make sure the setting is on ‘unlisted’ (not ‘private’ or ‘public’). Insert the YouTube link in the application form below. No other format will be accepted.





July 1: Announcement of online auditions and timeline and opening of registration process
All candidates from all countries will be asked to record and submit a video of themselves playing a piece of their choice, with piano accompaniment, plus two orchestral excerpts.
July 10: Confirmation deadline for all 2020 members to reconfirm their participation in 2021.
September 30: Deadline for submission of first-round videos.
November 2: Results of the video round announced to candidates.
November 3-30: Live online auditions heard by senior jurors.
Live online feedback sessions for applicants rejected after Round 1 take place with EUYO Alumni Tutors. These may continue after Nov. 30 as necessary.
December 14: Results announced to second-round candidates; invitations to candidates to follow.Detailed application info is available on the EUYO homepage.

Questions and additional info:
Kai Kiiv
+372 6675 721

The European Union Youth Orchestra, founded in 1976, is by now one of the world’s pre-eminent symphony orchestras that has worked with many of the world’s greatest musicians including Daniel Barenboim, Leonard Bernstein, Herbert von Karajan, Mstislav Rostropovich and particularly its three Music Directors and current Chief Conductor: Founding Music Director Claudio Abbado, former Music Director Vladimir Ashkenazy, former Music Director and current Conductor Laureate Bernard Haitink, and Chief Conductor Vasily Petrenko.