International Students’ Guideline

Welcome to the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre 

Below you can find some information you will need to have a smooth start as a student at our Academy. We encourage you to discover what it’s like to study at EAMT, which procedures to follow once you have arrived as well as learn useful tips for newcomers. Please don’t overlook the orientation course which takes place at the start of the academic year. The procedures and information concerning doctoral students may differ from what is stated in this document. Kindly refer to the doctoral studies webpage.

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to meeting you at EAMT!


Important dates:

Recommended arrival date: 29 August 2021
Orientation week: 30 August – 3 September 2021
Autumn semester: from 30 August 2021
Spring semester: from 31 January 2022

See the academic calendar 2021/2022 here


The application process for a temporary right of residence, visa and residence permit usually begins after the student has been accepted to the chosen programme and the Academy has dispatched the required acceptance documents.

EU citizens
EU citizens must obtain a temporary right of residence in Estonia. You need to register your place of residence with the local government authority within three months from the date of entering Estonia (required documents: proof of identity; tenancy contract).

The right of temporary residence is granted for five years.
Within one month from the registration of your place of residence, you need to apply for an Estonian ID-card that certifies the right of temporary residence. For that please visit one of the Service Offices of the Police and Border Guard Bureau.

More information can be found on the Police and Border Guard Board webpage.

You can register as a citizen of Tallinn at the Population Register Offices:

  • in the city centre (Pärnu Road 9, I floor)
  • in Northern Tallinn (Niine Street 2)

Police and Border Guard Service Offices (ID card) – Pinna or Tammsaare bureau

NON-EU citizens
All students who are not Estonian or EU citizens (including EEA countries and Switzerland) need a temporary residence permit for studying. You can apply for the permit at the nearest Estonian Embassy in your home country or country of residence. If there is no Estonian Embassy in your home country or country of residence, you should contact the nearest Estonian Embassy.

If you have a legal basis for staying in Estonia (e.g. you hold a short-term visa or you are a citizen of a country eligible to enter the Schengen area without a visa for stays of up to 90 days), you may also submit the residence permit application at the Service Office of the Police and Border Guard Board in Tallinn. Please note that in that case, you must apply for the residence permit as soon as possible after your arrival to Estonia. The decision on granting or refusing a residence permit is made within 2 months and if you postpone applying for too long, you might not receive the permit in time.
More information about the application process and the required documents (including certifications proving income) can be found on the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board website.

More information about a D-visa

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board offers migration advice free of charge by phone, Skype, e-mail and by appointments to individuals and institutions.

Under the law, foreign students must register their place of residence at the Population Register within one month from the date when the decision concerning a  temporary residence permit for studying has been made.

Address of the Population Register

  • in the city centre (Pärnu Road 9, I floor)


Health insurance for EU citizens

International students studying in Estonia are not covered by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (Haigekassa), unless they are full-time PhD students or employed in Estonia. If you are an EU citizen and have valid health insurance in your home country during your studies in Estonia, you can apply for an EU health insurance card (EHIC) or a substitute certificate of an EU health insurance card (Form E128). You should apply for that from the social service authorities in your home country before arriving in Estonia. More information about what is covered with EHIC in Estonia can be found at: EHIC in Estonia

Health insurance for Non-EU citizens

Students from Non-EU/EEA countries have to acquire internationally valid private health insurance. Insurance providers accepted by the Estonian Migration Board:

  • ERGO (health insurance contract can be signed after arrival to Estonia);
  • Inges (health insurance contract can be signed online);
  • Salva Kindlustuse AS (health insurance contract can be signed online);
  • Swisscare (health insurance contract can be signed online);
  • KindlustusEst (insurance broker who can help with finding suitable insurance, health insurance contracts can be signed online).
  • AON Students Insurance (health insurance contract can be signed online)
    NB! Health insurance is necessary when you apply for a residence permit.

Important phone numbers:
112 – emergency number: first aid, police, ambulance
• 1220 (also +372 630 4107) – health advice, information about health care system in Estonia
• 16363 (also +372 669 6630) – information line of Estonian Health Insurance Fund
More information about the Estonian health care system can be found from the website of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Read also: Medical care


Housing in Tallinn

The EAMT has a dormitory in the centre of Tallinn at Kuhlbarsi Str. 1, less than 2 km from the EAMT main building. Students can apply for a place at the dormitory, which offers rooms for 1–2 people. The whole facility was renovated in 2010-2011. The price list and registration form is available on the dormitory’s home page.

NB! Applying for a place in the EAMT dormitory is the student’s responsibility. As the number of places at the dormitory is limited, please make a reservation as soon as you have been officially accepted to EAMT, to guarantee a place at the start of your studies. Please see more detailed information here.

Check-in to the dormitory is possible only from Monday to Friday from 1 pm to 5 pm. Admission is closed on the weekends. At other times you must find accommodation initially at a hotel. 

If dormitory life does not seem to be your style, you can rent an apartment. Information on rental apartments is available from real estate agencies and online portals:

Public Transport

In Tallinn, you can use trolleybuses, buses, trams and minibuses. See here for timetables. Taxis are widely available. All students who have registered their place of residence in Tallinn are entitled to free travel in Tallinn by public transport. To travel free of charge, students need a personalised Smartcard.

Photo: Reti Kokk


By studying at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, you will have the opportunity to experience how Estonian culture and tradition can contribute to your understanding of music and theatre as it relates to your speciality field. Also, you will be able to make your contribution to the field of music and theatre in Estonia.

Information about study programmes can be found here:
Bachelor’s and Master’s studies
Doctoral studies

More info:
EAMT Subject catalogue

Communication – Academic advisors: 

Lilian Rajavee-Salundo, room D514 (for at BA and MA levels  keyboards, strings, brass, woodwind and percussion, vocal, chamber ensemble, accompaniment, early music performance)

Katrin Puur, room D513 (for at BA and MA levels choral- and orchestral conducting, contemporary improvisation, jazz music, classical-, electronic- and audiovisual composition, recording arts, musicology)

Liisa Välja, room A201 (for at MA level cultural management)

Liina Jääts, room B222 (for at MA level contemporary physical performance making) 

Margit Võsa, room D514 (doctoral studies/all specializations, APEL – Recognition of previous study results and professional work experience, admissions specialist)

Hanneleen Pihlak, room D516 (contemporary performance and composition, Nordplus coordinator)

Tiina Uibo, room B206 (International students advisor)

Mari Köhler, room D516 (Erasmus coordinator)


Orientation course

During the first week of the autumn semester, approximately 30 August – 03 September, 2021 (the exact dates will be specified), the registry and students affairs department in cooperation with the student council will offer an orientation course for newly admitted international students. 

The detailed schedule of the orientation course will be available on the EAMT website approximately 1 week before the course.

The course includes:

  • meeting representatives of EAMT and the student council 
  • an introduction to the study system of the Academy
  • a tour of the library

It is highly recommended that you participate in the orientation course. If you cannot participate, please inform the student affairs department:

Entrance Cards

To ensure security at EAMT a magnetic entrance card system has been established. The cards are required for use of the premises and for receiving the keys for the rehearsal rooms/studios. Ask for a magnetic entrance card as soon as you arrive at the Academy. Cards are issued and activated by administrators.

The Use of Rooms in the EAMT

The students of the EAMT are entitled to use the classrooms in the main building for practising. The main building is open from Monday to Friday 8:00-23:00 and on Saturdays and Sundays 10:00-23:00. The use of a classroom is registered at the administrator’s desk on the ground floor. The amount of time for practising is limited to 2 hours. If rooms are available, the practising time can be extended at the administrator’s desk. For students on academic leave or in case of prolonged studies, the right to practise is limited to certain times of the day. Students who have completed a Master’s or Doctor’s programme, within the nominal time for studies without taking academic leave, have the right to use classrooms for one extra year after graduation (restrictions to practising times apply).


The Estonian government and universities have initiated various scholarship schemes to support international students who are interested in studying in Estonia.

Study in Estonia: For further information

Result-based Scholarships for at BA and MA levels are designed to recognise students who have completed the full curriculum and achieved excellent academic results.

EAMT scholarships for non-EU students at BA and MA levels covering either 25% or 50% of the tuition fee. The scholarship auditions take place in September-October. For further information

DoRa Plus programme scholarships for all foreign students at MA level awarded for one academic year (350 € per month paid from September to June). The scholarship auditions take place in September–October. For further information



Cost of tuition

Detailed information on tuition fees and credit point prices for English-taught programmes in 2021/2022 are listed here.

The tuition fees for at BA and MA levels EU students:

Programme Classical Music Performance 800 €
Programme Cultural Management 2500 €
Programme Contemporary Physical Performance Making 7000 €

The tuition fees for at BA and MA levels non-EU students

Programme Classical Music Performance 6500 €
Programme Cultural Management 2500 €
Programme Contemporary Physical Performance Making 13 000 €

NB! Cash payment is not available. Payments must be made according to invoices which are issued after the learning agreement has been signed. The learning agreement should be signed by September 15th (for further information please contact

Banking system

There are numerous bank offices located in Tallinn. To open a bank account or use any other bank-related services, including internet banking, you may find this summary helpful.
After opening a bank account, one can use internet banking services (e.g. make payments and transfers via the internet, check account balance) and get a debit or credit card (a plastic card that provides an alternative payment method to cash in shops and many other places). There are ATMs on almost every street corner.

NB! Students who are younger than 18 years cannot open a bank account by themselves.

List of banks and addresses

  • LHV Pank: Tartu mnt 2, opening hours: Mon-Fri 9-19
  • Luminor pank: Hobujaama 4, opening hours: Mon-Fri 9-18
  • SEB Pank: Tornimäe 2, opening hours: Mon-Fri 9-17
  • Swedbank: Liivalaia 8, opening hours: Mon-Fri 9-17; Rävala pst 5, opening hours: Mon-Fri 10-18



The Academy offers possibilities for its students to study at prestigious partner universities internationally via a variety of programmes and scholarships. All EAMT students can benefit from student exchange programmes.

EAMT collaborates with over 160 partner universities. While the majority of partners are located in the EU, there are also collaborations with universities in Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus, Columbia and Malaysia. EAMT participates actively in the ERASMUS+ and Nordplus programmes. Read more about international cooperation here

For more information please contact the International Office: Tatari 13, 10116 Tallinn, Estonia, room D516

Hanneleen Pihlak
International relations coordinator
Phone: +372 667 5779

Mari Köhler
Erasmus coordinator
Phone: +372 667 5760
Room B204

Kai Kiiv
International relations specialist
Phone: +372 667 5721
Room B206

Tiina Uibo
International students advisor
Phone: + 372 6675 7222