Supporting Students with Special Needs

The Academy supports students with special educational needs during the admission and their studies, offering several support services, including teaching aids and creating a suitable learning environment. The purpose of providing support services is to encourage coping, social integration, and involvement in studies.

In case, student needs special support or adjustments, a written proof must be submitted to the Academy. The Academy uses the information only when (1) uploading data to EHIS (Estonian Education Information System; so, the student can apply for a special scholarship); (2) reviewing the applications for the academic leave; (3) releasing from tuition fees.

After presenting the written proof, suitable learning conditions and necessary adjustments can be made in cooperation with the student and EAMT’s staff. In case the student does not want adjustments, proof is not required. The openness and the cooperation of the student are important–the student is an expert in his/her own special needs and can assess his/her own need for help. However, the Academy makes efforts to support the student and informs the student about his/her rights.


Advice and counselling are offered as follows:

  • Elina Kivinukk, Psychologist (individual counselling, also related to the special educational needs)
  • Jane Kreek, Head of Registry and Student Affairs Department (general questions concerning studies)
  • Margit Võsa, Study Programme Registrar (questions related to the admission and visiting studies at Estonian universities)
  • Mikk Langeproon, International Relations Specialist (Erasmus+ student mobility)


Participation in studies

If the student needs adjustments in the studies, a study advisor (Head of Registry and Student Affairs Department) should be contacted, and an individual study plan can be prepared if necessary. When communicating with lecturers, it is the role of the student to explain his/her needs, even if the written proof has been submitted to the Academy.


Scholarship for students with special needs

The purpose of the scholarship for students with special needs is to support students with special needs in acquiring higher education. Scholarships for students with special needs can be applied from the first semester through the Education and Youth Board. To apply for the scholarship, an application must be submitted once per academic year, and the grant is awarded for ten months at a time. It is also possible to apply for and receive a scholarship for a student with special needs for academic leave and part-time studies. The amount of the scholarship for students with special needs is 60-510 euros per month.


Release from tuition fees

A student who has a moderate, severe or profound disability or a parent or guardian of a disabled child up to 15 years of age (incl.) will be released from tuition fees based on the student’s application in either full-time or part-time studies, provided that the student begins studies full-time in an Estonian-taught curriculum. More information is stated in the Regulation of studies at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

When applying for release from tuition fees, a document certifying entitlement must be submitted in addition to a duly made application:

  • a student with special needs submits a copy of a valid disability document;
  • the parent of a disabled child submits a copy of the child’s birth certificate and a valid document certifying the disability.


Studying as an exchange student

When participating in the Erasmus+ and Nordplus mobility programmes, the student with special needs can receive a scholarship to help (partially) cover the costs of living and studying abroad.
The additional support is offered for students whose physical, mental or health condition does not allow them to participate in the study mobility without additional financial support. Expenditure related to (proved) mobility, for which (partial) additional support can be requested, includes (but is not limited to) adapted accommodation, travel and medical assistance, special equipment, adapted teaching materials, support person, etc. Additional information can be gained from the International Relations Specialist.


Accessibility of the study buildings

The main building and the library of the Academy are accessible for the persons with reduced mobility.


Support services

Library at the Academy can offer home loans and provide reading and digitizing the study materials.

Students with a hearing impairment who have been diagnosed with a disability have access to a free translation service funded by the European Social Fund (into Estonian).

EAMT’s dormitory, Muusa Majutus, has adapted rooms for students with reduced mobility.

If necessary, support students could assist students with special needs at the Academy. Support students are volunteer students who are ready to support those in need. To become a support student, contact:

Other support services for students with special needs are being developed. Information about students with special needs studying at the Academy is very welcome to contribute to the smooth and supportive learning environment.

More info: Procedure for Supporting Students with Special Needs at EAMT (pdf)

The Academy is open to proposals regarding the development of support services and grants by writing to the Registry and Student Affairs Department or the psychologist of EAMT at