Cultural Management

Why study cultural management?

Today’s world needs people with a broad understanding of different fields and an ability to apply a varied skillset. But there is more to life than getting things done; culture and the arts can provide a solid framework for working ethically and sustainably towards a range of necessary and desirable outcomes. We seek people interested in working in art and culture to encourage and manage diversity across different groups and areas of society. Our MA programme is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to move forward as arts professionals in a rapidly changing world.

The renewed two-year cultural management master’s programme creates facilitator-managers

The two-year master’s in cultural management, offered in English, is a joint initiative with the Estonian Business School to deliver an international student-centred programme. Comprehensive content is introduced by top experts from across Europe with an emphasis on applying new knowledge in practice. The Master of Arts in Cultural Management offers new insights and approaches to building competencies through academic knowledge and practice for people interested in new ways of connecting the arts with every aspect of society. Students of the programme are trained as facilitators and mediators to work in the cultural sector, as well as in emerging positions across different fields.

The right programme for you

The renewed curriculum is built on challenge-based learning whereby you will be encouraged to use a personal challenge or project as the practical basis of your studies. Challenge-based learning offers many benefits that facilitate active learning in step with real work environments. If you already have a project or a challenge, for example, from your current workplace, you can use this as a focal point in your studies with support from your teachers, mentors, visiting experts and your fellow students. Learning experiences allow you to explore, discuss, and build connections towards solutions to real-life challenges. You also have the option to connect your own project directly to your final thesis, further increasing the connection between theory and practice. The programme builds on a strong academic base to provide you with the skills to analyse projects and situations in a balanced and holistic manner.

International experts

Our programme is delivered by top experts invited from our extensive international community of professional and collegiate contacts from Estonia, Finland, the UK, France, Germany and elsewhere.

Active alumni community

The programme has over 70 graduates working as leaders, managers, consultants and entrepreneurs, as well as professors and teachers involved in the academic development of the cultural management field on an international level. 

Graduates work in the private and public sector – government organisations, universities, theatres, museums, NGOs, foundations and private sector companies – with 98% employed in the field of culture and creative industries.

Professional networks and international projects

To facilitate and broaden opportunities for students so they can engage with new developments in the field of culture, exchange best practices and strengthen their pedagogical capacity, the programme is a member of several professional networks.

European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres (ENCATC)
EU ERASMUS Exchange Programme
NORDPLUS Exchange Programme

A Master of Arts in Cultural Management at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre will take your career in culture to the next level.