Concert and Performance Office

Public concerts and theatrical performances form an integral part of the Academy’s activity. Public performances are a natural and essential element of education for music and theatre students, while they enable the Academy as an institution to fulfil its broader social mission as a contributor to Estonia’s cultural life. A special support unit, the Concert and Performance Office, produces most of the EAMT concerts. Productions of the Drama School are mostly made in cooperation with the professional theatres.

The Concert and Performance Office offers a varied programme, including classical music, free improvisation, folk and jazz music concerts. Concerts take place not only on the premises of EAMT, but also in different places in Tallinn and throughout Estonia. The concerts of the EAMT Symphony Orchestra mostly take place in the Estonia Concert Hall, the main symphony hall of Tallinn. Many concerts are arranged as concert series. For instance, “Jubilate” celebrates anniversaries of important composers and EAMT professors, “Obeisance” is dedicated to outstanding living Estonian composers, who assist the students during the rehearsal period.

Applications with concert proposals are accepted twice a year, for the autumn and spring semesters. The concert season as a whole will be evaluated and confirmed by the Artistic Committee of the Concert and Performance Office of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Information regarding concert applications can be found here.