Music Culture and Musicology

Music has captivated you for as long as you can remember. Your tastes span a wide array of genres, and your experiences might include performing in a choir, playing in a band or orchestra, mastering an instrument, or spinning tracks as a DJ. While you may not see yourself chasing fame as a leading musician, you’re drawn to the idea of weaving music deeply into your professional life. Perhaps you’ve coordinated a concert or daydreamed of critiquing music. You’re keen on acquiring a comprehensive education in the humanities, aiming to navigate and contribute to the broadening horizons of the music world. Does engaging in conversations about music excite you?

Your musical knowledge may be uncertain, or perhaps you haven’t had formal training in solfège. This isn’t an obstacle — there are no music theory exams required for admission to this program. We’re confident in our ability to teach you music theory as needed. What we cannot impart, however, is the passion for and engagement with music, alongside the inherent cultural curiosity that such engagement demands. If you possess these qualities and the idea of expressing yourself in writing excites rather than intimidates you, then you are heartily encouraged to join our program!

After completing your studies in Music Culture, you’ll emerge as a versatile music expert, positioned to enter sectors that value a profound understanding of music and its cultural impact. Opportunities might include roles as a music or cultural consultant within governmental or municipal agencies, orchestrating music events, serving as an information specialist within academic or research settings, or contributing expertise to diverse media outlets. Your skills could also be applied in the healthcare field, through avenues like music therapy or music medicine.

Should your journey through the program spark a passion for delving deeper into a particular area of music, you’ll be encouraged to further your exploration by pursuing a master’s degree in musicology, where you can specialize and deepen your knowledge and expertise.