Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

Composition and Improvisation in the 21st Century (LUP1), 1.01.2014−…, principal investigator prof Kristel Pappel. This project combines research papers, that examine the interrelation between composition and improvisation in the 21st century and analyze or create new compositional frameworks. Read more here.

Strategies of Creating Space in Contemporary Theatre (LUP2), 01.09.2016 −…, principal investigator Madli Pesti. The aim of the EMTA Drama School project is to examine the creation of the script, space, context and atmosphere and the manipulation of language and words, sound and tone in productions as creative processes. The project is a creative based examination; that is, an analysis of one’s own creative work in a broader theoretical context. Read more here.

Researchers and doctoral students participate in the activities of the Centre of Excellence of Estonian Studies (CEES).  The centre of excellence is hosted by the Estonian Literary Museum and encompasses the researchers from the Estonian Literary Museum, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, the Institute of the Estonian Language, University of Tartu, Tallinn University and Tallinn University of Technology. The CEES aims at a complex study of the linguistic and cultural structure of ethnic groups in Estonia, analyses its content and philosophical starting ponts. Read more on the web-page of the CEES.

Completed Projects

Higher Education Institution for Societal Engagement (HEISE), Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for higher education, 01.09.2016−31.08.2019, principal investigator Kaari Kiitsak-Prikk. The project we aim to create a comprehensive educational model grounded in experiential and challenge based learning to increase the higher education institutions’ societal engagement (HEISE). The objectives of the HEISE project are to engage the local challenge owners and the HEI students into the joint teams and to apply various arts based methods to make the different views visible in the challenge solving processes. Read more here and on the web-page of the project.

Performative aspects of music (IUT12-1), 1.01.2013−31.12.2018, institutional research funding project, principal investigator prof Jaan Ross. In this project, performative aspects of music will be studied in the synchronic and diachronic context of Estonian music. Read more here.

Systematic development of entrepreneurial mind-set and entrepreneurship education at all educational levels, 1.01.2016−31.12.2018, principal investigator prof Margus Pärtlas, investigators Kaari Kiitsak-Prikk and Marko Lõhmus. The aim of the program is to develop the entrepreneurial mind-set and enterprising behaviour of learners and deepen their entrepreneurial attitudes as well as knowledge and skills at general education, vocational education and higher education levels. For that purpose, the development of entrepreneurial mind-set is supported in subjects/ classes, training is provided for teachers-lecturers and entrepreneurs are involved in order for the academic entrepreneurship education to be more practically oriented. The program supports the dissemination of entrepreneurial way of thinking among teachers-lecturers as well as in society at large. Read more here and on the web-page http://ettevõtlusõ

Estonian Chant Psalter and Sacred Chanting (EKKM14-335), 01.01.2014−31.12.2017, national programme “Estonian language and cultural memory”, principal investigator Eerik Jõks. Read more here (in Estonian).


Please find detailed information on finished and current research projects in Estonian Research Portal (choose “Advanced Search” and type “Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre” in the field “Institution”).