Employment vacancies

The creation and filling of positions for the academic staff and heads of academic units at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre takes place in accordance with the regulations approved by the Council of the EAMT on 20.03.2019, and amended by the Senate of the EAMT on 11.03.2020.

A public recruitment procedure for filling an academic position may be announced if a new position is being opened, if a position is vacant, or if less than one year is left before the expiry of the employment contract with the person working in that position.

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Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is recruiting for the following positions (from September 1, 2021):

  • Professor of orchestral conducting (workload 0,5)
  • Senior Lecturer of accompaniment and opera studies (workload 1,0)
  • Senior Lecturer of oboe (workload 0,5)
  • Lecturer of piano and chamber music (workload 1,0)

All documents (including application, CV, documents proving the education and qualification) should be postmarked by May 17, 2021 and addressed to the Secretary of the Senate, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tatari 13, 10116 Tallinn, Estonia. The documents could also be sent by e-mail to liina.jaats@eamt.ee.

The applications must be signed by the applicant (by hand, electronically or scanned). For additional information please e-mail to liina.jaats@eamt.ee

Please find the conditions and procedures for recruitment for academic positions at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre at www.eamt.ee