Musicology, Music Pedagogy and Cultural Management

Research is the core activity of every university. Musicology gives us the tools necessary to understand music in a wide array of socio-cultural contexts. The vocation of the teacher is of fundamental importance to every culture that yearns to survive through the ages. Our musical culture is passed from generation to generation through the music teacher, who has the ability to avail their young students to the wonders hidden within the musical paradigm. Music instructors inspire the next generation of musicians to study, practice and become masters of their craft. These fields—musicology, music pedagogy and cultural management—form the pillars of our department. Although hidden from view of the public, we would not have the beauty provided by musical artists were it not for this support structure.

Our department is built around three vocations: musicology, pedagogy and cultural management. The latter provides our students with the tools necessary to propagate the appreciation of art music and high culture among all groups in society. Our department aims to foster a supportive environment for young people interested in contributing to the appreciation of culture. As such, our motto is this: “If music is your calling, then the EAMT is the school for you!”

The Department of Musicology, Music Pedagogy and Cultural Management makes the following curricula available for study:

  • Musicology and Music Management (Bachelor’s Studies, only in Estonian);
  • Musicology (Master’s Studies, only in Estonian);
  • Music Pedagogy (Bachelor’s Studies, only in Estonian);
  • Music Teacher (Master’s Studies, only in Estonian; joint curriculum with Tallinn University);
  • Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy (Bachelor’s and Master’s Studies, only in Estonian);
  • Cultural Management (Master’s Studies, only in English; joint curriculum with Estonian Business School).