Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of previous studies and specialist work experience (VÕTA)

The recognition of previous studies and specialist work experience is regulated by the EAMT Regulations for Studies, the procedure of the VÕTA programme and the reviewing fee of the VÕTA application.

Previous studies and specialist work experience are recognised on the basis of an application submitted by students, external students or applicants to the Academy. Individuals applying for the recognition of previous studies to meet the admission requirements shall submit a free form application to the Admission Committee. Students matriculated at the Academy shall submit VÕTA applications by deadlines set out in the academic calendar.

Applications are evaluated by the VÕTA Commission.

Previous studies and work experience can be applied in the implementation of the curriculum to an unlimited extent, except in the case of passing a bachelor’s and master’s examination and defending a master’s and doctoral thesis.

Applications must be supported by supplementary documents to verify previous studies, such as diplomas, excerpts from academic statements, documents describing the content of the studies and other materials (e.g. portfolio, description of work experience, creative work etc.), except if the completion of a subject can be verified in EAMT’s study information system or archive. Applicants are responsible for the accuracy of the submitted documents and other materials.

Applicants shall pay for the review of the application and the evaluation of previous studies and specialist work experience based on the rates established by the Rector. Processing VÕTA applications is free of charge if the student applies to transfer ECTS credit points for subjects previously completed at the Academy.