EAMT Foundation

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) Foundation was established for cultural and educational advancement through charitable donations, targeted collection management and distribution of funds.

The objectives of the EAMT Foundation are:

  • cooperation with donors in the pursuit of new funding sources
  • mediation of targeted scholarships and grants
  • issuing of prizes and awards for deserving pupils
  • financial support for creative and research projects
  • allocation of funds and assets received as donations, bequests and other economic activities in a prudent manner, in accordance with the stated objectives of the foundation

The EAMT Foundation uses its income to achieve its statutory objectives. It does not grant or guarantee loans.

The EAMT Foundation may establish subsidiary foundations, which may be registered under the name of the donor or created for a specific purpose (e.g. supporting the academic or creative activities of students or a general field).

  • Tõnu Kaljuste subsidiary foundation

    Tõnu Kaljuste subsidiary foundation – the aim is to support EAMT students through scholarships, whose field of activity can capture both vocal and instrumental music by creating bridges, not borders. The subsidiary foundation was established in 2020 by the Estonian American Foundation. The subsidiary foundation committee consists of Tõnu Kaljuste, Eero Raun, Kaspar Mänd and Kritiina Kermes.

  • Aago Rääts subsidiary foundation

    Aago Rääts subsidiary foundation – the aim is to support the teaching of early music at the EAMT, especially in the field of recorder and baroque flute by awarding students with scholarships for professional development. The subsidiary foundation was established in 2020 by Mari-Anne Rääts, the committee consists of Imbi Tarum, Kristel Pappel, Reet Sukk and Anne Tüür.

  • EAMT Department of Drama subsidiary foundation

    EAMT Department of Drama subsidiary foundation – the aim is to support the Drama Department with the following activities: payment of scholarships to students of the Drama Department, financial support for creative and research projects of the Drama Department and financial support for other activities of the Drama Department in accordance with the decisions of the subsidiary foundation committee. The subsidiary foundation was founded in 2021 by Elmar Trink, Katrin Nielsen, Anu Lamp and Aivar Simmermann, alumni of the 10th graduating class of the Drama Department. The subsidiary foundation committee consists of Anu Lamp, Elmar Trink, Merle Karusoo and Jaak Prints.


The EAMT Foundation collects donations in the pursuit of its aims. Donations from EAMT alumni, partners and friends of the academy support both academic and creative projects as well as reward achievement. Targeted donations allow donors to set up named scholarships through monetary contributions or their equivalents (securities, royalties and other assets).

Donors can (but are not required to) specify the purpose of their donation. Targeted donations and bequests are used only for the purposes specified by the donor or bequeather. To award scholarships or prizes as a targeted donation, an application must be submitted to the EAMT Foundation by e-mail to fond@eamt.ee. The EAMT Foundation will enter into an agreement with the donor, specifying the donor’s wishes with regard to the donation, the funds to be donated and all related terms of the donation, including the name of the scholarship, its recurrence, etc.

The Council of the EAMT Foundation will make the final decisions regarding donations without a specified purpose.

Donations can be made to the EAMT Foundation at LHV Pank: EE817700771002881352.

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