The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) is a public university offering higher education in all major fields of music and theatre through bachelor, master and doctoral programmes. More information on our programmes of study: Departments and majors


Vision and Mission of EAMT

Vision. The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is prestigious and attractive educational, scientific and cultural institution with a high level of professionalism, dedicated to preserving national cultural traditions and actively developing international cooperation, while being open to creative ideas, diverse scientific research and innovative interdisciplinary projects.

Mission. The mission of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is to sustain, develop and promote Estonian culture at the highest level, through music and theatre studies as well as creative activities and research.


The core values of EAMT

Creativity: we provide opportunities for meaningful expressions of creativity at a high level.

Playfulness: we understand that playfulness is the basis of any creative activity, enabling new approaches to be discovered and to flourish.

Proficiency: we strive for competence, the sharing of ideas and knowledge, as well as consistent learning and growing, thereby setting an example for the current and future creators in the field of music and theatre.

Commitment: we recognise dedication to a calling as a requisite for achieving a high level of creativity. We offer an environment conducive to commitment, enabling the discovery of prevailing truths as well as the creation of fresh interpretations.

Preserving our national culture: we understand our unique responsibility to sustain and nurture the generations of creators in music and the dramatic arts, who will ensure the role of Estonian music and theatre in our national identity in the future. We are aware of the significant impact of our work in upholding and developing Estonian culture.

Openness: we are open to different approaches in art, education and research, the versatility of styles and methods in music and theatre. We share ideas and knowledge, and acknowledge our mistakes. We are united and straightforward in our search for the best solutions.

Equal and respectful treatment: we treat all students, colleagues and partners equally and with respect, and give credit to their success and achievements.

Learning environment

Considered one of the most functional music education institutions in Europe, the EAMT boasts a 16 189 m2 facility located in the centre of Tallinn, Estonia’s capital city.

In 2019 EAMT opened a brand new concert hall complex. At the heart of the 6,000 square metre concert and performance facility is a concert hall with 482 seats, which is ideal for classical performances as well as other styles of music and a black box seating 130, which is mainly used by drama and contemporary performance students, and jazz musicians. The five-storey building also houses a multimedia centre and dedicated jazz and early music studios. Virtual masterclasses and concerts can be held in two dedicated studios equipped with Lola (Low Latency Audio Visual Streaming System) technology.

The Academy also has a 150-seat Chamber Hall, a large auditorium for up to 77 students, a 40-seat audition room with a Baroque organ, an opera studio, an electronic music lab and recording studio, a library and a dining hall. There are over 90 practice rooms and studios in the study building. The Theatre Department operates out of a renovated historic building in the Old Town with an educational history dating back to the 14th century.

In 2022, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre was for the third year in a row included in the QS World University Ranking, which is one of the top international ranking systems measuring the popularity and performance of universities from all over the world. EAMT is among the 51-100 best universities in the category of performing arts with such reputable music academies as Cologne, Leipzig (Germany), F. Liszt Music Academy (Hungary) and the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg (Denmark).