1) Before you travel to Estonia please check from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ webpage whether you are allowed to enter Estonia without the requirement of self-isolation for 14 days. The list of countries is updated every Friday. The countries which are marked with red are those where the infection rate is high and therefore self-isolation rules are required. If you cannot find your country of departure or transfer from the list then you must stay in self-isolation immediately after your arrival in Tallinn. Please see the list of countries in here: https://vm.ee/en/information-countries-and-self-isolation-requirements-passengers

2) For non-EU students, please make sure you apply in person for a long stay (D) visa at the nearest Estonian representation which handles visa applications. Even if the citizens of your particular country are allowed to enter Estonia without a visa, we recommend that you apply for a visa in order to avoid problems with transfer flights. You can read more about D-visa in here: https://vm.ee/en/long-stay-d-visa
In addition, when applying for a D-visa, your health insurance must cover the cost of healthcare in the event of a possible illness of COVID-19.

 3) We will send study contracts for new students in advance from mid-August. Tuition is paid when the contract is signed.

4) Everyone must notify the EAMT Registry and Student Affairs department about their arrival date, route and where they will be staying in Tallinn.

5) If you arrive from a high-risk country (according to the list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia) then you must take a taxi (at your own expense) from the airport in order to go to your place of residence (apartment, hotel, airbnb, etc.) for the next 14 days of self-isolation. If you arrive from a country where the infection rate is low (according to the list of MFA) then you can of course also use public transport if you wish to do so.

6) Everyone who arrives from a high-risk country must take a blood test to determine whether they are infected with COVID-19 or not. The test must be done either on the day of your arrival or the following day. You can give the test in Synlab laboratory which is located in Tallinn Veerenni 53a, on the first floor, in specially designed cabins with a separate entrance (on the right side of the main door). The price of the test is approximately 80 EUR. In order to make sure that you will get the blood test done in time, you must first make a reservation by writing to support@synlab.ee OR by calling +372 640 8231 (outside from Estonia). You would need to give information about the day you would like to come, your name, date of birth. This reservation should be done at least a couple of days before your arrival. Please note that after 14 days of self-isolation has passed, you are required to take another test (approximately 80 EUR).

After receiving the result of your first as well as the second test, please notify the Academy whether the test was positive or negative. If your test comes back positive then quarantine needs to be applied, if negative then self-isolation rules need to be followed.

7) If you arrive from a high-risk country then you must self-isolate yourself for 14 days in either a hotel/hostel, airbnb or apartment. Unfortunately these accommodation costs must be borne by the student him/herself. Everyone can therefore choose a proper place according to his/her personal preferences as well as financial possibilities (for example “Tatari 53 Hotel” and “Center Hotel” in Tallinn are more affordable options). However, you must stay in a single room therefore dormitory-style hostel options need to be excluded. If you have booked a place at the EAMT dormitory you will be exempt from paying the dormitory rental fee during the time you have to spend in self-isolation at another location. Please send this information directly to the administrator of the dormitory, e-mail: info@yhikas.ee

8) Self-isolation means that for 2 weeks it is not allowed to go out for any other reason than for the most essential like buying food, medicine, visiting a doctor, etc. Also, please always wear a mask in public places. Participating in lectures in-person is also not allowed. If it is not possible for you to take part in the *Orientation Week (31.08-04.09) then we try to make sure that you can join us via Zoom.

9) Finally, the above mentioned rules need to be adhered to for everyone’s safety. If they are not followed then you will risk loosing your study place and in case of non-EU students the authorities may decide to cancel your visa and/or residence permit.



*Orientation Week: 


12.00 opening ceremony, followed by a lecture “Introduction to University Studies”; introduction of the EAMT library

01.09- 04.09

Arranging individual lessons, partly lesson-based teaching

Curriculum consulting, the IT-manager will introduce the online study system

Information day (Police and Border Guard Board (TBC), Health Board of Estonia)

Academy tours

Welcome event

Please note that a more detailed schedule of the week will be announced at the opening lecture on 31.08

NB! In addition, please take a look at the International Students’ Guideline for further information regarding your studies, necessary contacts and other practicalities that would be useful to know before your arrival: https://eamt.ee/en/admissions/international-student-guideline/