Last night, the second concert of the final round of the IV Tallinn International Piano Competition took place in the great hall of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, after which the jury determined the results of the competition. The first prize went to David Munk-Nielsen, the second prize went to Théotime Gillot from France, and the third prize went to Japanese pianist Misora Ozaki.

Estonian pianist Tähe-Lee Liiv, Genki Takai from Japan and Jiyoung Kim from the Republic of Korea were awarded the finalist diplomas. Out of 31 participants, 6 pianists made it through two demanding rounds to the finals, where they performed piano concertos with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Arvo Volmer.

The chairman of the jury, Eteri Andjaparize (USA / Georgia), was pleased that the competition could take place with all participants in one room without video performances. She also praised the strong level of the performers and the smooth work of the jury. “The discussions were so reasonable and smooth that they were almost dull,” Andjaparidze mused.

Igor Cognolato, a jury member from Italy, highlighted the professionalism of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and conductor Volmer: “Participants had the opportunity to choose from such a large number of excellent and complex piano concertos. This means that the orchestra and the conductor would also be ready to play them all, and this is undoubtedly unusual.”

The first three prizes in the competition and the finalists won monetary prizes: € 10,000, € 7,000 and € 4,000. €1,500 accompanied the diplomas. Pianists were also awarded numerous special prizes. Among them, the award for the best performance of Estonian music went to Shinyoung Lee from the Republic of Korea for her outstanding performance of composer Heino Eller’s music. The members of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (ERSO) chose Misora Ozaki as their favorite stage partner who is invited to perform with the orchestra in the future.

Evita Lohu received the prize of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in the form of an educational or a concert trip. ERSO and EAMT also presented a prize together – in February, EAMT student Hyewon Chung will perform as a soloist in front of the traditional joint project of both orchestras.

Mantas Šernius, a doctoral student of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, received the creative scholarship of the Association of Estonian Professional Musicians. Tähe-Lee Liiv was awarded a performance in the Palace Music Concert Series as well as the “Hope for the Future” award for a promising pianist offered by the Estonian Piano Teachers’ Association.

The concert agency Eesti Kontsert chose pianist Jiyoung Kim for a solo recital in the Estonia Concert Hall. Théotime Gillot will perform at a concert at the House of the Blackheads as part of the Tallinn Philharmonic Society Award.

David Munk-Nielsen was born in Copenhagen and started playing the piano at the age of five. He is currently studying at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki with Professor Erik T. Tawaststjerna.

The jury consisted of pianists and pedagogues, including Eteri Andjaparidze (chairwoman, Georgia / USA), Igor Cognolato (Italy), Juris Kalnciems (Latvia), Antti Siirala (Finland) and Ivari Ilja (Estonia)

The competition took place from November 25 until December 3. It was hosted by the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and the Estonian Pianists’ Association.

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