The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is expressing support for Ukraine by organizing a charity concert on Sunday, 6 March at 12:00 in the Great Hall of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

The Rector of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre professor Ivari Ilja will welcome Liina Kersna, Minister of Education and Research of Estonia and Kristin Pintson, student of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Vice Chairperson of the Federation of Estonian Student Unions as guest speakers.

Works by Ukrainian and Estonian authors will be performed by the EAMT Choir and Chamber Orchestra, conducted by professor Hirvo Surva and students Ode Pürg and Valle-Rasmus Roots, Oksana Lohinova (piano), Georg Maaten (violin), Elena Bražnik (soprano, Estonian National Opera), Erki Pärnoja (electric guitar), poetess Katya Novak-Botnar, actors of the Russian Theater Aleksandr Zhilenko, Dmitry Kosjakov, Anna Sergeyeva-Marvina, Viktor Marvin, Natalia Murina, Anastassia Tsubina-Alexeyeva, Ivan Alexeyev, EAMT drama faculty professor Lembit Peterson, Indrek Sammul, Külli Teetamm, and students of the 30th class of the drama department. The concert will be directed by Marta Aliide Jakovski, a student of the department of drama.

“With our concert, we want to support Ukraine and the Ukrainians who are fighting for their freedom and a dignified future for the whole of Europe at the cost of extreme suffering and trials. Today, it is the duty of every person with a conscience to help and support them,” says Ivari Ilja, Rector of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

The Foundation of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater will donate the ticket revenue to support the people of Ukraine with the help of the Estonian Red Cross. It will also be possible to donate money to the Estonian Refugee Council to help Ukrainian refugees via donation telephones and on-site.

Tickets are available through the Fienta booking system and one hour before the start on site.

The charity concert can also be watched live on the ERR cultural portal and the EAMT YouTube channel. Those who are not able to attend the concert, but want to support Ukraine, can buy a donation ticket in Fienta here (the ticket does not guarantee admission to the concert hall). Watching the broadcast is free for everyone.