Dear Members of the Academy,

Due to the decrease in the number of patients with severe COVID entering the hospital, the Government of the Republic of Estonia abolished the obligation to check the COVID certificate and the closure restriction at 11 pm as of 15 March. Travel isolation rules will apply, and travel restrictions must be considered when traveling.

As the coronavirus is still widespread in Estonia, the obligation to wear a mask in public places applies. The obligation to wear a mask also remains in the study buildings of the EAMT. Please also pay attention to hand disinfection and other measures to prevent the spread of the virus. It is strictly prohibited to come to the academy in the event of even the slightest suspicion of being infected with the virus.

The door of the main building of the EAMT is still locked, but it is no longer necessary to apply for a special permit for guests outside the house – it is enough if the inviter meets the guests in person.

EAMT Rector’s Office