Defense of Doctoral Thesis. Piret Jaaks

14.06.2022 at 10:00

PIRET JAAKS defends her doctoral thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (in theatre):

„Kirjutada inimesi: kogukondade uurimine ja dokumentaalteatri loomise vahendid dramaturgi töös“
(„Writing the People: Community Research and Tools for Documentary Theatre Creation in the Work of a Dramaturg“)

Supervisor: Madli Pesti, PhD (EAMT, senior researcher)
Reviewer: Luule Epner (TLÜ, associate professor)
Opponent: Aivar Simmermann, PhD

The doctoral thesis is available HERE (in Estonian) and in print in the EAMT library.

Piret Jaaks. Foto: erakogu Piret Jaaks