Electro-acoustics course (KOE140)

25.03.2022 – 30.05.2022
at 14:00
A-219, Zoom

TARMO LIPPING (Tampere University, Finland)
25 March @14-16 Zoom
28 March @14-17 Zoom
30 March @14-17 Zoom
6 April @14-17 Zoom
13 April @14-17 Zoom
25 April @14-17 A-219
26 April @14.30-17.30 A-219
11 May @14-17 Zoom
30 May@14-17 A-219/Zoom

Zoom: analyses of the sound (3h), digitaks efects and echoes (3h), digital sound synthesis and models of instruments (3h), presentation of project works (4h)

The aim of the course is to introduce the properties of digital sound signals and to present the basic methodology of sound analysis, synthesis and filtering. The following topics will be covered:
– properties of digital sound; distortion and noise caused by signal sampling and quantization
– perception of sound; basics of psychoacoustics
– filtering sound signals; commonly used digital effects and their implementation
– sound analysis and synthesis