Flamenco workshop. Ricardo Regidor

21.09.2021 at 09:00

RICARDO REGIDOR (Valencia, Hispaania)
21 September @ 9.00-12.00 in the Chamber hall
Workshop “Flamenco history, basic palos and their palmas” for everyone interested

Ricardo Regidor (Valencia, 1971) is a Spanish jazz pianist, living in Switzerland from 1978. 21 years he has been lecturer at Lucerne University of applied Arts and Sciences (Switzerland) teaching Jazz, Latin Jazz and latin music in general. 

He studied Flamenco, Cuban music, Argentinian Tango and Folklore Music and Uruguayan Candombe, all of them living in those places and studying with local historical representants of the music styles.  

As guest teacher he has been teaching Latin music, derived didactic concepts and Latin Music history for jazz musicians, classical musicians, musicologists, researchers and ethnomusicologists . Namely in the Universität der Künste in Berlin (Jazz section and musicology section), Humboldt University Berlin (Musicology Section), Hochschule Musik Köln, UNSAM (National Argentinian University), Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre twice, and once at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. 

He is also creator of his personal project “Latin Music Talks”, a series of free Zoom online masterclasses with important names of the latin music.

More info: Jaak Sooäär, jaak.sooaar@eamt.ee