Improvisation course. Christoph Baumann

13.03.2024 – 15.03.2024
at 10:00

13 & 15 March @10.00-12.00 & 13.00-15.00 in C-405
14 March @12.00-14-00 & 15.00-17.00 in C-405

Christoph Baumann grew up with western classical music and is also deeply rooted in the percussive idioms of contemporary jazz and Afro-Cuban music. His artistic work is oscillating between the poles outgoing improvisation and composition, and he likes to question the granted positions with humor and absurdity. As a pianist and in particular as a composer he assumes stimulating or critical stances by means of playfully confronting and fusing attitudes and mentalities. His pervading interest to bring different musical styles into a dramatic context is particularly evident in his big specialty, to taylor his composed and improvised music tightly to theatre and radio plays, dance, films and his three speech-operas. Baumann has taught at the Music Universities of Lucerne and Bern, and performs internationally with a big variety of soloists and ensembles. Since the late 70s he is noted for unconventional projects such as the Jerry Dental Kollekdoof , the Latin-experimental band Mentalities, Cadavre Exquis, Baumann Large Ensemble, Afro Garage and Hausquartett. His musical work is well documented on CDs.