Kristiina Are will defend her doctoral thesis on 17 December at 11.00 room A-402 for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Music): „Dünaamika kujundamise võimalused basso continuo saates“ (“Possibilities of Textural Dynamics in Basso Continuo Accompaniment”).

Supervisor: Professor Kristel Pappel, PhD (EMTA)
Opponent: Mart Jaanson, PhD (EELK)

The doctoral thesis is available here (in Estonian) and in print in the EAMT library.

The thesis Possibilities of Textural Dynamics in Basso Continuo Accompaniment
explores the features of harpsichord dynamics and the harpsichord technique’s response
to musical texture, more specifically what are the options for creating a dynamic
harpsichord responsive texture in basso continuo accompaniment. The object of the
analysis is Johann Sebastian Bach’s trio sonata in C minor from Musikalisches Opfer/
Musical Offering BWV 1079. This research is a part of artistic doctoral studies.

Basso continuo or thoroughbass designates an accompaniment style that was used
during the Baroque era. It involves a figured or unfigured bassline, a continuopart,
played by at least two instruments. A continuo group consists of melodic bass
instrument(s) (viola da gamba, cello, doublebass, bassoon) and harmonic bass
instrument(s) (harpsichord, organ, lute, harp). The melodic bass instrument plays only
a bass melody; the harmonic instrument adds a chordal accompaniment realized
according to the figures noted above or under the bassline.