March 3 at 15:00–20:00 in the EAMT Camber Hall will take place a lecture and master class of Prof. Em. Erik T. Tawaststjerna (piano, Sibelius Academy – University of the Arts Helsinki).

In his lecture “Jean Sibelius – composer of orchestral and piano music” professor Tawaststjerna will tell about Sibelius’s life, its historical context, and the composer’s stylistic development. Each of the symphonies and the violin concerto will be discussed, and recorded excerpts from these works will be played. Parallel to this presentation, the most important piano works of Sibelius will be introduced with the help of recordings or at the piano. This way the listener will be offered a broad view of Sibelius’s life and his major orchestral and piano works.

More information: prof. Marje Lohuaru