The conference at the Vilnius University from 13 to 14 October is dedicated to the 30-years anniversary of LITNET (Lithuanian Research and Education Network). One of the main events will be the joint concert between Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania via LoLa technology.

The live-event will take place on 13 October from 14:00.

14:00–14:05 opening of the event by the head of the LITNET Board
14:05–14:15 the team leader for LoLa development introduces the technology
14:15–14:35 LoLa concert between Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
14:35– … the event continues with local speakers.

Estonia will be represented at the concert by pianist-accompanist Reet Ruubel, who will be joined by students from the Latvian and Lithuanian music academies – violinist Andrejs Jegorovs in Riga and double bass players Samanta Ingatjeva and Gediminas Zamulskis in Vilnius. They will perform the “Burlesque” by Pēteris Plakidis and Giovanni Bottesini`s Variation on the theme “Ler cor piu non mi sento” and Elegy No. 1.

Live event stream

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