On May 12, 2021, the Lied-duo competition of the Department of Classical Music Performance took place in the Chamber Hall of the EAMT, where 16 ensembles participated.
The jury, Mihkel Poll, Aule Urb and Kristi Kapten, judged the following duos worthy of the award:

I prize Ursula Roomere / Sven-Sander Šestakov (supervisor Martti Raide); cash prize 350 euros

II prize Milda Drejeryté / Medeiné Mickevičiuté (supervisor Prof. Helin Kapten) and Triin-Eliis Süld / Eva Jelenskaja-Tamm (supervisor Prof. Helin Kapten); a cash prize of 250 euros for each duo

III prize Lekso Kapanadze / Karl Johan Nutt (supervisor Prof. Helin Kapten); cash prize 150 euros

Congratulations to the winners!