Due to the health risks and precaution measures caused by the pandemic spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), a series of temporary emergency measures are implemented at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Study activities are will continue at the time being, but to prevent the risk of an outbreak, people are advised to follow pertinent cautionary measures.

Working and studying activities are to be rearranged as follows:

  • ALL Academy-sponsored international travel is prohibited; already arranged Academy-sponsored travel to the countries stated as risk areas by the Estonian Health Board will be annulled.

  • Anyone, who returns or arrives from a location stated as a risk area by the Estonian Health Board, is asked not to visit the EAMT premises for two weeks after returning to Estonia and to rearrange their teaching or studying activities accordingly.

    As of March 12, Coronavirus risk areas are China, South-Korea, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Germany, France, Austria (especially Tirol ski resorts). Please follow the updates on the homepage of the Estonian Health Board.

  • Visits by the guest lecturers coming from the risk areas to be cancelled or postponed.

  • Anyone who has visited a risk area recently, should immediately inform the head of academic structure or direct superior, students should informed their study registrar.

  • Members of the faculty, who know that some student of theirs has recently visited a risk area, should inform the Registry and Student Affairs Department and let this student know that s/he is not allowed to enter the EAMT premises.

  • In general, guests are not allowed to enter the EAMT premises as the entrance is possible only with the authorized electronic entrance card.

  • The public concerts and other events organized by EAMT are cancelled until 30 April.

These precautionary measures are temporary. EAMT will continue to review the situation following the advice of the Health Board and Government of Estonia. The academy’s emergency measures are effective March 13 until the overall situation has stabilized or new measures are established.

Please follow the Health Board advice in the light of the COVID-19 outbreak that can be found HERE.