Starting in 2019, the Ministry of Culture will award the Artur Lemba Scholarship to university students majoring in composition, piano performance or musicology, and to students researching the life and work of Estonian pianist and composer Artur Lemba.

Artur Lemba (1885-1963) was one of Estonia’s most celebrated composers, pianists and music pedagogues. Both his opera “Sabina” (1905) and Symphony No. 1 (1908) were the first works of their respective genres written by an Estonian.

The scholarship will be funded by royalties collected from performances of Artur Lemba’s music. According to the current copyright laws, royalties entrusted to the state are managed by the Ministry of Culture, as is the case with those of Artur Lemba. The scholarship is intended for students whose major field of study reflects the life work of Artur Lemba.

The size of the scholarship is 2000 euros.

The selection committee will comprise of representatives of the following institutions: the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, the Estonian Composers Union, the Estonian Association of Professional Musicians, the Museum of Estonian History and the Ministry of Culture.

Application Guidelines

The Artur Lemba Scholarship is available to full-time university students whose major field of study is in composition, piano performance or musicology, and who, upon graduation, will receive an official state diploma.

The selection committee will make their decision based on the applicant’s past achievements, the projected use of the scholarship funds, the applicant’s letter of motivation and his/her academic results.

Application Requirements

  • A letter of intent which includes the applicant’s contact information, signed either digitally or physically
  • A summary of the academic and creative work of the applicant
  • A letter of motivation, which introduces the academic and creative goals of the applicant as well as the planned use of the funds
  • A letter of recommendation (recommended, but not compulsory)

The application may be sent either electronically to or by regular post to Suur-Karja 23, Tallinn by January 31, 2019. Should any additional information be required, please contact Madli-Liis Parts ( or 5620 1108).

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