Estonian Sound Recordings 1939

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This publication consists of 12 CDs with sound recordings made in Tallinn in 1939 and a book containing the lists of the recordings and four articles providing a survey of Estonian music, introducing the organization of the recording sessions in 1939, the fate of the matrices and problems of sound restauration.

The selection of music recorded includes all important genres: orchestral music, choral music, piano and organ music, chamber music, solo songs with piano and with orchestra, excerpts from operas and operettas, hit songs, music for wind orchestra.In addition, some speeches by higher statesmen and political leaders were recorded.

The performers are the best Estonian soloists and choruses of the 1930s, the State Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra conducted by Olav Roots, Juhan Aavik, Raimund Kull and the military band of the Tallinn garrison.

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