At the request of the Rector’s Office, starting from Monday, October 12, 2020 all employees, students and guests of the Academy are kindly asked to wear a face mask in our study buildings when it is not possible to consistently maintain a sufficient physical distance.

Our goal is to protect our faculty, staff and students and to keep the Academy open for study and practice. Wearing a mask is necessary in lectures, group lessons, meetings, while attending concerts and in other situations when a room is being shared for a longer period of time and wearing a mask does not directly interfere with a specific activity.

The Health Board emphasizes that wearing a face mask may reduce the spread of infection by minimising the release of respiratory droplets from infected people to others. Face masks should be considered as a good complimentary measure for established preventive practices, such as keeping physical distance, proper hand and respiratory hygiene. Correct use of face masks is key for their effectiveness and safety. Hands must be cleaned with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitiser after removing the mask.

View the information from the Health Board and instructions how to use masks in English:

Disposable masks will be on sale at the Academy cafeteria, and at the concert hall entrance before public events. Additional trash cans for disposable masks will be located at the main entrance and next to the hand sanitiser stations on each floor.