We invite you to participate in a listening experiment of the joint research project of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Tallinn University of Technology titled “The possibilities of vocalists in improving text comprehensibility – issues and scientific basis”, which will take place on 13 February from 16:30 to 18:00 in the Great Hall of EAMT(Tatari 13).

The research aims to test the identification of consonants in sung text in a real acoustic situation. Participants will sit in the hall, listen to recorded sound stimuli, and note down the heard consonants. As background information, we ask for the participant’s age, gender, and native language. For practical purposes, we also collect participants’ contact information. All data will be anonymized during the analysis. People aged 16–70 are welcome to participate. After the completion of the study, participants will be invited to a coffee table.

The research is funded by the Estonian Research Council, and ethical committee approval has been obtained for it. All participants will be entered into a draw to win 20 tickets to the AHHAA Science Centre and 20 tickets to the Estonian History Museum, of which the Theatre and Music Museum is a part. The Museum of Theatre and Music celebrates its 100th birthday on 22 March and the History Museum will celebrate its 160th birthday on 19 February.

Please pre-register here.

Additional information:
Allan Vurma, Professor of Musicology