Alumni Association

The EAMT Alumni Association (MTÜ Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia Vilistlaskogu) is a voluntary non-profit organization established with the aims of supporting the activities and development of the EAMT as well as connecting and uniting alumni. The EAMT’s influence and impact is felt most through the work of its alumni, who comprise the core of Estonia’s music and theatre communities.

The EAMT Alumni Association is open to all graduates of the EAMT who wish to join!

The membership fee is 10–20 EUR per annum. Payments can be made to the Alumni Association’s bank account at Swedbank:

EMTA Vilistlaskogu EE802200221063846242

Former EAMT students who have not graduated can participate in the association’s work as supporting members

Through membership in the EAMT Alumni Association, you can:

  • support the activities of the EAMT
  • maintain old friendships and forge new connections with EAMT alumni
  • participate in EAMT Alumni Association events

By participating in the EAMT Alumni Association working groups, you can:

  • make your voice heard in issues pertaining to the music and theatre scene
  • make your voice heard in issues pertaining to the future of music and theatre education in Estonia

By joining the EAMT Alumni Association you can give back to your alma mater and society at large.

As of 04.10.2020, the board of the EAMT Alumni Association consists of the following members:

  • Ivari Ilja
  • Maarit Kangron
  • Kerri Kotta
  • Marko Lõhmus
  • Riina Roose
  • Kadri Tali
  • Elmar Trink
  • Peeter Vähi

The Revision Committee consists of the following members: Riina Aasma, Riho Rõõmus, Imbi-Camille Tamm.