Dear Members of the Academy!

The new academic year will commence on 30 August. We want it to be productive, fruitful and eventful, and – what is especially important now – to keep everyone healthy and to make sure that the spread of the coronavirus would interfere with our work and learning activities as little as possible. The work organization measures below have been discussed and approved at an extended meeting of the EAMT rector’s office on 25 August by the representatives of all academic units. In developing these measures, the requirements established by the Government of the Republic of Estonia, Ministry of Education and Research as well as the results of the discussions held at the Estonian Rectors’ Council have been taken into account.

  • The rector’s office calls on all students and staff who have not yet been vaccinated against coronavirus to do so as soon as possible.
  • The staff and students of the Academy must be prepared to either submit a formal COVID vaccination certificate, proof of having previously been infected with the COVID-19 disease or a negative test result. According to the rules and restrictions currently issued by the government, the certificates will be inspected at all public events held at EAMT, i.e concerts, performances, conferences and other events for both performers and audiences. Therefore students and faculty members who are required to attend or wish to attend Academy`s public events must have a valid COVID certificate. Obtaining this certificate is the personal responsibility of an employee or student and the possible costs involved will not be compensated by the Academy. More information about the COVID certificate can be found HERE.
  • Large scale rapid testing of students and staff is not planned by the Academy, but in some cases, rapid testing may be necessary for persons who do not have a COVID certificate. The need for testing depends on the prevailing epidemiological situation in Estonia, the number of vaccinated persons at the academy, and the risk of infection in a specific situation. NB! The COVID certificate requirement for public events as described in the previous paragraph cannot be replaced by an on-the-spot rapid test.
  • As vaccination and testing do not provide complete protection against coronavirus disease it is recommended to wear a mask at the academy. Non-vaccinated employees and students are required to wear a mask (for exceptions, see below). The faculty members v the right to ask students, who do not wear a mask, for a COVID certificate.
  • Only students and employees of the Academy have the right to freely enter the study buildings of EAMT. The main door of the Academy opens with a personalized magnetic card. We ask all members of the academy to make sure that no strangers enter the study building with you. Guests of the Academy, students of pedagogical practice, continuing education students and other persons may enter the educational buildings only based on a registered permit issued by a member of the rector’s office (or the chief coordinator in case of the department of drama). All guests and continuing education students are required to submit a COVID certificate.
  • As a rule, studies will take place in the form of contact studies at the academy on-site. In coordination with the head of the speciality group, the study activities may also be carried out in the form of distance learning, if the learning outcomes do not suffer due to that.
  • There are no specific limits for the number of students in one classroom, but where possible, the principle of distancing should be followed, and, in the case of bigger study groups, larger study rooms should be preferred.
  • The faculty must ensure that all participants in the classroom must be registered by name (for example, ask students to register their name on the registration sheet, mark those students who are absent from the class, etc.). This allows us to better identify those who have been in close contact with an infected person(s).
  • It is strictly prohibited to come to the academy in the event of even the slightest suspicion of being infected with the virus. This requirement applies to both vaccinated and non-vaccinated employees and students. If symptoms of infection occur, please contact your family doctor and let yourself be tested. If the test comes back positive, then you should remain in self-isolation until your doctor declares you healthy. In case of an infection, faculty and staff members must notify the personnel manager (tel. 6675 705) and students need to contact the head of the student affairs department (, tel. 6675 711).
  • This year the rules are different for people who have been in close contact with an infected person. Unvaccinated people must remain in self-isolation for 10 days and are not allowed to enter the study building at that time. Vaccinated people or those who have recovered from the coronavirus within the last 6 months do not have to self-isolate.
  • Faculty members do not have the obligation to provide online classes or extra classes for those who have had to self-isolate.
  • If an employee of the Academy is not able to go to work due to being in self-isolation, the respective member of the rector’s office responsible for the specific administrative area must be informed with whom the possibility of working online or the grounds for absence from work is agreed upon.
  • Coming to the academy with symptoms of illness or non-compliance with the isolation obligation endangers the health and wellbeing of others and will lead to sanctions.
  • For reasons arising from the health of an employee or student of the Academy, the above requirements may allow exceptions. In case of such a problem, faculty and staff are asked to contact the manager of the respective administrative area of the rector’s office, students to contact the head of the student affairs department (, tel 6675 711). If you wish, you can also turn to the equal treatment confidant (EAMT psychologist) ( for advice. The Academy shall ensure that the health records of any employee or student are not disclosed.
  • The cafeteria is open to the faculty, staff and students of the Academy, as well as the guests who are allowed to enter the study building.
  • The library provides its services to the members of the academy as usual. Other readers can enter the library only upon prior registration and presentation of a COVID certificate.
  • The Academy considers countermeasures to the above-listed information or the spreading scientifically incompetent information as an inappropriate act for its members and contrary to academic ethics.

EAMT Rector’s Office