Concert Applications

Concert and Performance Office of EAMT will accept concert applications from the students and faculty of EAMT only. To apply for a concert, please fill out the application form.

See also: Best practices of the Concert and Performance Office

In addition, please send the following files via e-mail to

  • a biography of the performer / ensemble;
  • publicity photo(s) of the performer / ensemble;
  • EAMT students have to add a confirmation letter from the relevant faculty member. It has to be (digitally) signed by the faculty member and presented as a PDF file (example here). In addition, for larger student projects a confirmation from the chief coordinator of the department is required.

Deadlines for submitting the applications:

  • May 20th (concerts in fall semester)
  • November 20th (concerts in spring semester)

NB! Late submissions will be referred for consideration for the next semester.

The concert season as a whole will be evaluated and confirmed by the Artistic Committee of the Concert and Performance Office of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. First of all the highlights of the academic units will be placed in the concert season.