Within the framework of the European project E4TLI (Education for Technological Literacy and Inclusion) we invite teachers from every discipline to join the Free and certified online seminar on live streaming.

Join the lectures and discussions of this 4-day webinar to address topics like:

  • What is streaming and what kind of software and platforms are there for streaming?
  • What are the aspects to keep in mind when using streaming for education?
  • How can teachers engage students while streaming?
  • How could live streaming be integrated into creative/artistic work?
  • What could we consider as strategies for streaming in the context of performances and events?

The participants of the seminar will gain knowledge on how to provide accessible content using live streaming technology in pedagogical or creative work. The participants will also gain insight into the effects and requirements of live streaming in teaching and learning processes and become familiar with the strategic choices with streaming in performances and events.

The seminar is organised by the Cultural Management MA programme of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

To get a participation certificate, please fill in the Attendance sheet and send the signed version back via email: culturalmanagement@eamt.ee

In case of any questions, please contact culturalmanagement@eamt.ee