Madeleine Tults

Guest Faculty for Service Design and Futures Thinking

Madeleine Tults is a futurist and interaction designer. Her aim is to raise awareness of the discipline of futures thinking and to help organisations better prepare for possible futures through futures thinking. Madeleine conducts futures training and offers future visioning consultancy. Her expertise in foresight comes from the Institute for the Future’s certificate programmes.

Madeleine holds a master’s degree in Interaction Design from the Estonian Academy of Arts (2021) and works daily as a strategic designer and mentor in service and user experience projects.

Previously, Madeleine worked in the field of communications, both as an entrepreneur and as a service provider and communications manager for multinational companies such as Orkla, Coca-Cola Hellenic and Philip Morris International.

Madeleine holds a master’s degree in European Studies from the College d’Europe and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Gettysburg Gelleg. Madeleine’s first workplace was the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.