Well-functioning voice is important to all of us. For many, their voice is an invaluable tool in their everyday professional life.

The tradition of annually celebrating the WVD started in Brazil about a quarter of a century ago. The legendary Swedish voice researcher, Professor Johan Sundberg, has been a promoter of this movement worldwide since 2012. The idea is to initiate on this day various activities which value the human voice and spread information that helps to use it better and healthier.

This year, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre offers the possibility to measure your Voice Range Profile (VRP) for all who are interested (singers, but also others). VRP shows the pitch range of the voice together with the dynamic range for each note. VRP enables people to receive information about their singing voice category and vocal skill level. Additionally, speaking voice range can be assessed by reading a text.

Measuring the VRP should take approximately 30 minutes, and the result will be printed onto paper.

Individuals interested in measuring their VRP can do so on 16 April 2024, between 11 am and 4 pm. To preregister a time, please contact Professor Allan Vurma (allan.vurma@eamt.ee; mob 51935932).

Please also see the international webpage: worldvoiceday.org